Streaming live, this week

THIS WEEK, Just Collapse is streaming live with the Collapse Club. Join co-founders, Kate Booth and Tristan Sykes, as they talk about the inevitability of collapse, and how a planned collapse with justice front and center can ease the descent. A #PlannedCollapse is a #JustCollapse.

Date and time: Friday 18 February 11am AEDT (please use a time converter for your local time)

4 thoughts on “Streaming live, this week

  1. The interview is being hosted by David Baum from the Collapse Club. Its all via YouTube and will be recorded. We don’t think it will include audience questions, but when we post the recording please feel free to ask us things!

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    1. Thanks. In case you can fit it in, a big question that our group is struggling with is how to compassionately but determinedly convey the notion of likely collapse, and the need to face it and address it, without either triggering someone into a depression down spiral, or coming across as a doom and gloomer on the corner with a “the end is near” sign?

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  2. This is a difficult one. As we talked about in the interview, Just Collapse focuses on telling it like it is, but we recognize that hearing about collapse can lead people into a grief process that includes depression, denial, anger and so on. There is a role of trained therapists and counsellors here.
    In terms of ‘doom and gloom’, we emphasize that there is so much to be done on the down. In fact, there is perhaps more to done now than if collapse wasn’t happening. Collapse provides a focus and priority for action. We will have more to say about the idea of a planned collapse in coming weeks.


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