Just Collapse is an activist platform dedicated to socio-ecological justice in face of inevitable and irreversible global collapse.

Just Collapse advocates for a Just Collapse and a Planned Collapse to avert the worst outcomes that will follow an otherwise unplanned, reactive collapse.

Just Collapse recognises that there will be no justice in an unplanned collapse.

We wish to acknowledge indigenous peoples, the traditional owners and custodians of the land; and pay respect to elders past, present and emerging.


Mass biodiversity extinction, coupled with collapsing ecosystems, and self-reinforcing climate feedback loops, including out-of-control methane release, immediately threaten all of humanity and all life on earth. Collapsologists document that infinite growth on a finite planet inevitably leads to the transgression of planetary boundaries. Collapse is the result of exceeding these limits to growth, overwhelmingly by developed countries.

Transitioning to clean energy and sustainable technologies will push us even faster and further over planetary limits.

Terminating dependence on fossil fuels will collapse agriculture, economies and societies, and exacerbate climate change.

The nature and scale of degrowth required to bring us within planetary limits also meets the definition of collapse.

Collapse is inevitable, but justice is not.


Just Collapse acknowledges that responsibility for our current predicament predominantly lies with developed nations which have reaped profits and prosperity from colonialization, extractive industry, and infinite growth. We recognise that unplanned collapse exacerbates the violence already enacted upon people and places through these processes.

Furthermore, Just Collapse recognises that the effects of collapse are first felt by those already marginalised, disadvantaged, and dispossessed.

Just Collapse advocates for a Just Collapse and Planned Collapse which demonstrates and embodies these recognitions.

Planned Collapse

The Earth is in overshoot due to the legacy of colonialization, the continuance of extractive industry, and infinite growth (e.g. energy, consumption, population). Planetary limits have been exceeded. This is suicide.

We must implement a Planned Collapse, following the Just Collapse strategy, and check out our ‘Little Book of Insurgent Planning’:


The Just Collapse strategy and theory of change provides a guide for action, and media and messaging…


The Just Collapse platform offers a decentralised model for action. You have the power to decide…


Informative resources for understanding Just Collapse

Engaging with Collapse can be confronting and unsettling. We do not have the expertise to assist those experiencing adverse emotional affects. If this includes you, please seek support from a trained healthcare professional.