‘A Little Book of Insurgent Planning’

As we collapse, this free online book provides examples of what action we can take collectively. Taken from academic literature, it’s about how we struggle together as the world we have depended upon contracts and decays. How will we work together as food and water systems breakdown? How can we act to secure alternate sources? Examples abound of #InsurgentPlanning in cultures and communities around the world. Start planning your #JustCollapse today!

5 thoughts on “‘A Little Book of Insurgent Planning’

  1. While I don’t believe the inevitable collapse/implosion/explosion can be ‘planned,’ successful survival efforts (if there are any) will have to rely on ‘local’ resources. We will become the ‘new’ hunter/gatherers, or we will perish. BTW, the planet will be just fine, either way. Mother Earth has suffered far more devastating events than any our species has unleashed. It’s yet another human arrogance to think otherwise.


    1. Our notion of a Planned Collapse is based on insurgent planning not on top-down master planning. Its about communities organising, planning and taking action for their basic needs are systems crumble and contract – like the survival efforts you suggest.
      Unfortunately, the speed and scale of destruction worldwide means that there is no precedent for this collapse. With no time for adaption, perhaps something will survive, perhaps not.

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