Enacting the strategy

The Just Collapse platform offers a decentralised model for advancing the strategy through self-funded action. You have the power to decide how you do actions – and with whom.

Just Collapse can promote actions demanding justice in the face of inevitable and irreversible collapse. Please share your actions – photos, videos and stories – by sharing from the cloud to

Just Collapse encourages activists to form small cells comprising trusted friends, family or associates. Just Collapse does not endorse the establishment of local or place-based Just Collapse groups, as these create centralised power structures, bottlenecks and bureaucracy.

CELL EXAMPLE: Rosa Parks was arrested for refusing to give up her bus seat for white passengers. This small action by a single person became a defining moment in the civil rights movement in the United States.

CELL EXAMPLE: During the military response to unrest in Beijing in 1989, a lone man placed himself in front of a convoy of tanks. The imagery from this protest has become an iconic marker of the power of passive resistance.

CELL EXAMPLE: In a protest for indigenous land and water protection, two women were imprisoned for sabotaging the construction of the Dakota Access pipeline in the United States. As one of the women stated, ‘Incarceration does not matter if we do not have clean water’.

When designing an action, primary consideration should be given to how the action delivers on this vision, goals, and objectives. Whether actions aim to exert pressure, raise awareness or both, they should tell a strategic story.

ACTION EXAMPLE: Meeting with a local member for parliament to ‘Talk Collapse’, influences the meek and the powerful (objective), engages others with the idea of collapse (goal) because justice must prevail in the face of inevitable and irreversible collapse (vision).

ACTION EXAMPLE: Graffitiing corporate offices tackles infinite growth on a finite planet (objective) which contributes to reversing overshoot (goal) because justice must prevail in the face of inevitable and irreversible collapse (vision).

Note: A single action can meet multiple objectives and/or goals.

It is important to remember that Just Collapse does not act to promote clean or renewable energy transition. ‘Solutions’ that support infinite growth on a finite planet are inherently ecocidal and unjust. There are no solutions to collapse. Collapse is inevitable. There is only justice in the face of it.

There are an infinite number of action types and ideas, and lots of resources online. Some other ideas that align with our strategy:

Get Angry. Anger is an energy and a just response to collapse. Much more than anxiety and depression, anger is a powerful motivator to action.

Talk Collapse. Our governments and the IPCC knowingly lie about the reality of collapse. Everyone has the right to know the truth. Talking Collapse may not win you friends but will influence people.

Disrupt, Disrupt, Disrupt! Do anything – individually, in pairs, as a family, in a group – to disrupt the status quo. By facilitating the collapse of infinite growth, we work towards a Just Collapse.

Plan for Collapse. Investigate and plan for collapse by developing place-based collapse plans. This includes extending and applying the work of insurgent planners, degrowth advocates, and collapsologists.

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Engaging with Collapse can be confronting and unsettling. We do not have the expertise to assist those experiencing adverse emotional affects. If this includes you, please seek support from a trained healthcare professional.

You must take action. You must do the impossible. Because giving up is never an option.

Greta Thunberg

There is a moment where you have to choose whether to be silent or stand up.

Malala Yousafzai

We cannot be radical enough.

David Attenborough