Just Collapse was interviewed at the Collapse Club. Hear about how the inevitability of collapse changes the parameters of politics and activism

A Planned Collapse. WTF? ‘Planning’ and ‘collapse’ are not normally two words that would work together. In these unprecedented times, we explain not only how they do work together but how, in combination, they redefine the parameters of political struggle and activism, and how people can begin work for a planned collapse.
In this paper, ‘Underestimating the Challenges of Avoiding a Ghastly Future‘, scientists describe how environmental conditions are far more severe and dangerous than even many experts realise
Climate Justice is Social Justice – a short video introducing the inequities of our current crisis. NOTE: Just Collapse strongly disagrees that the Green New Deal is a solution. It will, in fact, worsen inequity and overshoot
In this video, ‘Overshoot in a nutshell: Understanding our predicament’, Michael Dowd explores the implications of overshoot – how for 50 years we have been using more of the planet than the planet can replenish each year (driven largely by wealthy nations)
Let’s Talk Collapse – a website packed full of resources
A 1972 MIT study predicted that rapid economic growth would lead to societal collapse in the mid 21st century. This paper shows we’re right on schedule.
The Nine Planetary Boundaries – an online article from the Stockholm Resilience Centre, Stockholm University. It describes the boundaries and how we are already transgressing four of these.
Approaching Collapse – some do’s and don’ts [edited forum video]
Bursting the fantasy of sustainability based on clean energy transition and arguing for equitable approaches to global population. Pathways forward include a deliberate contraction of the human enterprise and a planned collapse.
This forum took place at the University of Tasmania, as part of Global Climate Change Week 2021.