Cost-of-living crisis?

The cost-of-living crisis is a collapse crisis. Climate/environmental impacts are increasing food prices and disrupting supply chains, fossil fuels are running dry pushing up energy prices, the financial system is teetering. “Yet few if anyone is talking about why these things are happening at the same time, and what they really mean.” #TalkCollapse because thisContinue reading “Cost-of-living crisis?”

Energy decline is inevitable

BREAKING NEWS: An admission by an oil industry influencer has broken decades of denial about finite energy resources: ‘At least for now, we’re dependent on oil. And while no one knows exactly when or how [#PeakOil] will unfold, one thing is clear: change is coming whether we’re ready for it or not.’ All proposed energyContinue reading “Energy decline is inevitable”

‘A Little Book of Insurgent Planning’

As we collapse, this free online book provides examples of what action we can take collectively. Taken from academic literature, it’s about how we struggle together as the world we have depended upon contracts and decays. How will we work together as food and water systems breakdown? How can we act to secure alternate sources?Continue reading “‘A Little Book of Insurgent Planning’”

Partial and relative justice for ocean life

BREAKING NEWS? Once again, the environment movement celebrates spectacular failure as ‘success.’ Not recognising the true nature of our predicament, and the limits to growth, has led to decades of maladaptive action including this signing of the High Seas Treaty. This treaty is an example of partial and relative justice for ocean life in contextContinue reading “Partial and relative justice for ocean life”

We are being led by idiots

‘Not one independent, and therefore trustworthy, geoscientist believes that we have the resources to simply turn our systems renewable (or otherwise magically less extractive and polluting). Not one… We are being led by idiots. It’s past time to admit that they’re not helping us and get on with our lives without them.’ Seize power throughContinue reading “We are being led by idiots”

Zero options left

No options left: The Potsdam Institute assessed 1200 IPPC pathways for keeping global warming in check. Based on an assessment of what is realistic and reasonable, they determined that none of these pathways are viable. 1.5C is long gone – even the UN acknowledges this – and now tipping points and higher global temperatures areContinue reading “Zero options left”