10C warming locked-in

New research from eminent climate scientist Prof James Hansen and colleagues suggests a planet killing event. This is based on current CO2 levels in the atmosphere, not on future emissions. ‘Eventual global warming due to today’s GHG forcing alone – after slow feedbacks operate – is about 10°C.’ Collapse is inevitable. Justice isn’t. Plan nowContinue reading “10C warming locked-in”

Failed states

One hundred and seventeen countries ‘failed’ or ‘failing’: Addressing such inequity is just not possible at the scale required and, as collapse unfolds, it is these peoples and places who will be impacted first and foremost. #TalkCollapse for a #JustCollapse, because collapse is inevitable, but justice isn’t.

Our energy slaves

89 million barrels of oil are used every day. This equates to 14,000 years of fossilised sunshine and 765 million years’ worth of human labour in just one day. These invisible energy slaves cannot be replaced through a ‘renewables’ transition or entirely ameliorated through intentional degrowth. Collapse is inevitable. Justice is not. Act now forContinue reading “Our energy slaves”

15 minute summary

In 15 minutes, co-founder of Just Collapse, Tristan Sykes, describes the complex socio-ecological predicament that is collapse and its implications for conflict, geopolitics, and war. Watch now. This recorded presentation was part of World Beyond War’s ‘War in a Changing Climate’ online forum. Collapse (and war) are inevitable. Justice isn’t. Act now for a #JustCollapse.

Children in a collapsing world?

This controversial statement by Martin Luther King is a plea for socio-ecological justice. Before Limits to Growth had even been published, MLK recognised the dire consequences of infinite growth on a finite planet. The empowerment of women to make choices about their own bodies is a battle that continues to rage around the world. NowContinue reading “Children in a collapsing world?”