France preps for 4C warming reality

Reality sinks in: France is preparing for a “‘more pessimistic scenario’ where warming hits 4C. [Environment Minister] Bechu added that ‘in truth, we should call it realistic’.” This level of human induced climate change equals droughts, floods, fires, crop failure, civil unrest, collapse, and extinction. Start your #InsurgentPlanning today and act now for a #JustCollapse.Continue reading “France preps for 4C warming reality”

+10C warming re-confirmed

Climate scientist James Hansen, and colleagues, dropped a bombshell with a new piece of research. There is +10C of warming already in the pipeline based on existing atmospheric greenhouse gases. Following the first round of review by expert peers, this has been re-confirmed. The updated paper is available here. Proposed ‘solutions’ all rely on maintainingContinue reading “+10C warming re-confirmed”

Green energy BOOM!

The zeitgeist is shifting – dominated by the problematic idea of a ‘renewables’ transition that maintains business-as-usual, or a more equitable version thereof. Countering this magical thinking are more and more people who accept and #TalkCollapse. In this timely and wide-ranging article, Andrew Nikiforuk asks, “How do communities prepare for collapse if we can’t manageContinue reading “Green energy BOOM!”

Scientist drops the F-bomb

“We’re fucked!” proclaimed glaciologist Jason Box. Other scientists, like Gavin Schmidt, were defensive: “There’s no actual evidence that anything dramatically different is going on in the Arctic, other than the fact that it’s melting pretty much everywhere.” Lol! That was eight years ago, and emissions continue to rise. Act now for a #JustCollapse!

Green Transition (Not)

A ‘renewables’ transition is a proposed solution to climate change, but did you know that a ‘renewables’ transition isn’t possible without coal and a minerals mining boom? This is no solution. #TalkCollapse for a #JustCollapse. The full seminar is available here: Presentation slides are available here:

Bicycle graveyards

Our #overshoot predicament defies simple or technical solutions. These solutions are maladaptive as they fail to recognise the true nature of our ‘wicked problem’. However strangely ‘beautiful’ these images may be, they tell the story of our collective inability to recognise ecological limits and planetary boundaries. One more reason to #TalkCollapse. The unexpected beauty ofContinue reading “Bicycle graveyards”

Greening ourselves to extinction

“From the push to replace fuel-engine vehicles with electric ones, to so-called climate-smart agriculture, to protected areas for nature conservation and massive tree planting projects for carbon offsets… All this trickery is called “greening” and it is designed to profit off of climate fears, not stop climate change. While guaranteeing high returns, this deception isContinue reading “Greening ourselves to extinction”