Greening ourselves to extinction

“From the push to replace fuel-engine vehicles with electric ones, to so-called climate-smart agriculture, to protected areas for nature conservation and massive tree planting projects for carbon offsets… All this trickery is called “greening” and it is designed to profit off of climate fears, not stop climate change. While guaranteeing high returns, this deception is tantamount to the genocide of the hundreds of millions of people”


One thought on “Greening ourselves to extinction

  1. The reality is that the carrying capacity for humans on this finite planet with finite resources necessitates the death of billions of us. Yes, the usual victims will be first to die, but plenty of us among the prosperous will soon follow. Since the .01%ers have no skills, none, they will not be among those who survive it all. Oh, to be around to watch them get their comeuppance!


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