Having a baby as the planet collapses

“Often people who choose not to have children feel the need to explain the decision to others. [A different] approach would mean the reverse: requiring that people who wish to ethically bring someone into the world must themselves address difficult questions… A just society values everyone being able to pursue having a child if they wish to. Yet, it also demands that everyone consider the ramifications of doing so.”

Choosing whether or not to have a child is one version of a #JustCollapse. Empowering and informing women and girls so they can choose is another.

Thinking of having a baby as the planet collapses? First, ask yourself 5 big ethical questions

15 thoughts on “Having a baby as the planet collapses

  1. Thanks, but the five questions are not accessible to me, see below, kind regards, Arnold The page you were on is trying to send you to an invalid URL ( http://Thinking %20of%20having%20a%20baby%20as%20the%20planet%20collapses?%20First,%20ask%20yourself%205%20big%20ethical%20questions).

    If you do not want to visit that page, you can return to the previous page https://www.google.com/url?q=http://Thinking%2520of%2520having%2520a%2520baby%2520as%2520the%2520planet%2520collapses?%2520First,%2520ask%2520yourself%25205%2520big%2520ethical%2520questions&source=gmail&ust=1681804237594000&usg=AOvVaw18Vj6V_-pstBbNbxyzoLuT# .


  2. The author of the link’s article, while raising many important questions, includes the ‘disclaimer’ that he is ‘not a woman or somebody who could carry a child.’ Who, pray tell, other than a woman could carry a child? This kind of nonsense does not support any member of any group in any way. In fact, it often does the opposite, creating ‘enemies’ of marginalized groups out of would-be supporters, or at least neutrals. Just stop it!


  3. Attached are complementary pdf and epub copies of my book, Why Human Society Will Collapse Before 2100. You will note that I am unequivocal about the inevitability of our collapse. Your opinions are welcome. Send them to me at worldoverpopulation@outlook.com. Thanks, Ross


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