6 thoughts on “What to call it?

  1. Slightly confused. The poster is great. I would have had a “headline” at the top. Something to make the viewer look at the picture so that they could answer the question. Play on that automatic response.

    Maybe something like “It’s Happening Right Now”.

    They glance at image. Brain says “what’s happening?”

    Eye, jumps around image. Takes it in. Opportunity for mimetic messaging on a non-textural level.

    This image is of a disaster, some sort of storm.

    Brain is confused. “Is this a movie/game/show promo?”

    Then comes question, “Which of these terms best describes our situation?”

    Brain automatically responds to “test question” by scanning answers.

    Your point is made.

    Very effective conceptually. It needs a little fine tuning.

    I would change order of answers to build up to COLLAPSE. Imply that there are “lesser” stages that come before COLLAPSE.

    1. Simplification 2. Unraveling 3. Descent 4. Collapse

    The “question” is also not quite strong enough. It’s too “passive”?

    Maybe, “Which of these terms best describes your children’s future?”

    Then a small “counterpoint” and recruitment tagline.

    It doesn’t have to be this way. JustCollapse.Org

    Something to give hope while being slightly mysterious. Hopefully strong enough to bring them to your Homepage.

    The poster is great. Kudos in the concept/design. I think it could be effective.

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  2. The Great Simplification I believe is the term Nate Hagens coined and, in my view, is the most appropriate term for what we is going to transpire. I say this because the term lacks the sensationalist and emotive concertations of your other suggested descriptions and leaves the fear element out of it. Simplification is not necessarily considered a bad thing by many people, mind you it will be if what is important to you is complexity and certainly health care and some other essentials will suffer but there will be some very big pluses. And many of us won’t survive, still there are around 8 billion of us currently …….

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  3. I’m a product of the Hawaii alternative futures program so the Collapse future has always been a meme, a possible future. Moreover, as a Gaia theory fan, our species’ disruption of the thermodynamic equilibrium in the atmospheric temperature baseline is likely over the next century or two to go far beyond 1.5, or 3.0 C to potentially 10 C or more. From a long-term view, that’s a recipe for Collapse. Lyna’s book 6 Degrees argues even 3-4 C above the baseline is a recipe for Collapse, . Interesingly, the futures studies/foresight literature seems to be leaning towards Decline as more probable–medium term for the next few centuries (if Lovelock is wrong).

    It’s the stair step model: a major catastrophe, or cluster of events, then rebound and recovery, another cluster of catastrophes, recovery and rebound, but recovery is never quite recaptures previous peak of normality. Others describe the future as a cascade of catastrophes that lead to civilizational collapse. I agree with @stuckeyjohn49 that we will end up in the great Simplification. That is the message of peak oil Cassandras like John Greer. It is logical, to quote a Vulcan friend.

    So: #2 then #3.

    No. nevermind. All of the above please.

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  4. I think the most positive way of looking at it is probably “Great Simplification” (as per Nate and others) but they all have truth within them. Still if you have a choice in your terminology to try and drive fear or a silver lining I’d probably choose the latter


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