Is this collapse?

In this two-minute excerpt of a worthy conversation between two highly respected minds, Prof Bill Rees asks the big question. The impossibility of voluntarily reducing material well-being by 75-80% in the affluent west, begs the question, ‘What are we left with then?’

This is #collapse. #TalkCollapse #InsurgentPlanning

2 thoughts on “Is this collapse?

  1. I have just heard that a new development for a thousand new homes has been approved just north of Hobart. GROWTH, GROWTH, GROWTH, GROWTH, GROWTH and more GROWTH. Surely the definition of insanity.

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  2. We are stuck with the 6th mass extinction. Maybe some humans will survive; maybe not. The planet, perhaps with no living organisms, will survive. In the meantime, be loving and kind, which includes not shaming those who don’t understand and refraining from moral posturing about how much you are doing or not doing in your efforts to ‘save the planet.’ The planet will be just fine.

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