3 thoughts on “Doomsday Clock 2023

  1. Good to know. Seriously! The graphic is a bit confusing though, in that it makes earlier times look more urgent than today, eg 1953 is actually more than 90 seconds, but it looks like much less.

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  2. The New York Times covered this today. It seems that having an alarm calculating only two dimensions is no longer suffificent given the other existential threats we now face. Even the climate threats should be parced: ocean warming and acidification, atmospheric heating, peak oil and resource depletion, Amazon destruction, species extinctions… the litany goes on. I live near Los Alamos and feel the pain and destruction that nuclear weapons have already wrought, visited the shrine in Hiroshima, and have seen the impacts on Marshallese and uranium workers in the US Southwest. I do not want to minimize the importance of the Countdown Clock and nuclear devilʻs bargain. We need a better symbol of our assaults on Gaia and planetary health and one that better illustrates the complexity and variety of ways that we are out of balance.

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  3. Thanks Chris. We see the Doomsday Clock as a warning rather than an analysis of complex nature of our predicament. We agree that more sophisticated measures and indicators are warranted, but the fact remains – we are in deep trouble.


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