Like science fiction

If everything seems well with the world, then this is because you are lucky, and perhaps privileged, not because you are immune to laws of physics, biology, and ecology.

My friends in the Indian Subcontinent tell me stories, these days, that seem like science fiction. The heatwave there is pushing the boundaries of survivability. My other sister says that in the old, beautiful city of artists and poets, eagles are falling dead from the sky. They are just dropping dead and landing on houses, monuments, shops. They can’t fly anymore… You see, my Western friends read stories like this, and then they go back to obsessing over the Kardashians or Wonder Woman or Johnny Depp or Batman. They don’t understand yet… That world is coming for them, too.’

#TalkCollapse because a collapse-conscious citizenry can plan a #JustCollapse.

One thought on “Like science fiction

  1. An alarming story. Inevitably the effects of climate breakdown are being felt more acutely. Also in Spain, where I live, we had an unusual heatwave with very high temperatures at the beginning of May. Cities are especially at risk because of heat-island effect.


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