Reasons to #TalkCollapse

How many reasons are there to #TalkCollapse?

  1. Civilisations always collapse, inevitably
  2. Collapse of global industrial civilisation is real
  3. Collapse of global industrial civilisation is happening now
  4. Collapse denial leads to maladaptive action
  5. Telling lies about a bright green future is a pathway to despair
  6. Telling the truth is an antidote to despair
  7. You will find friends and influence people
  8. Collapse awareness leads to meaningful action
  9. A collapse-conscious citizenry can plan for collapse
  10. A #PlannedCollapse is a #JustCollapse

Hear more from Kate and Tristan from #JustCollapse (43 minutes at the Collapse Club):

3 thoughts on “Reasons to #TalkCollapse

  1. #8 says that accepting collapse can lead to meaningful action. What do you mean by that? Because if you mean hospice or persecuting the elite, then I cannot agree with you. I do agree, however, that we can plan for collapse. But meaningful action to me means that we can plan for how to survive collapse. Not just me and you, but the entire world. How? Planning for collapse means planning for a time when money, governments, business, etc. no longer exist. So we assume that they will no longer exist. Then, instead of planning for civilization to continue, we plan for what we must do to reach sustainability. In other words, we plan for our minimum needs, and plan on using a volunteer workforce, and on temporarily using hydroelectric power from dams. About 16% of the world’s energy comes from dams. When we don’t have to support an economy then we can plan how to conserve so that we can live on 16% or less. We may have to go underground. But we won’t know without planning.


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