Human and ecological justice

There is human and ecological justice to be achieved if we start now to deliberately contract the human enterprise. Collapse is inevitable, but justice isn’t:

‘For me at least, the choice of which path we need to follow is obvious: purposeful contraction of humanity and its complex systems. It needs to be purposeful if we are to have any say in how it proceeds. I am increasingly coming to the conclusion, however, given everything I have discussed above, that the path I advocate will be ‘The Road Not Taken’; at least not until nature forces us upon it and then we won’t have any say in how it unfolds.’ #JustCollapse #RadicalDegrowth

One thought on “Human and ecological justice

  1. Statistics show that 30% of the world holds 97% of the world’s wealth. Which means that 70% lives off 3% of the world’s wealth. So, someone in the 70% could seek justice from anyone in the 30%. Where then would we stop? How could everyone be satisfied? Seeking justice will pit the elite against us, in self-defense. They’ve won already. We can’t win. But we can plan to survive the collapse of civilization.


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