1.5C is long gone, so why…?

IPCC scientist’s opinion, expressed anonymously, contrast significantly with public statements made by celebrity climate commentators, news media pundits, and various ‘talking heads’ (according to survey – Nature). Disingenuously, Mann continues to promote the idea that 1.5 is still alive, despite the fact that almost everyone, who follows the science, knows that 1.5 has already been passed and is merely hidden by the aerosol masking effect. Celebrity science communicators who publicly, and intentionally, obscure the truth from the public, deserve a special reservation in the hell that is to come. Seek justice! Take action! #TalkCollapse

One thought on “1.5C is long gone, so why…?

  1. Why does civilization have to continue? Why can’t we use conservation and reduce down to what the children of the world need us to reduce down to? If the children can survive, then humanity can continue. This amount of reduction would give us not only a good place to start, but also a chance to heal our planet.

    I have a plan, and it works by planning to survive the collapse of civilization first. Planning for collapse simplifies so that we can plan. Planning allows us to organize. This process uses standards, technology, the Internet, and something that I’ve called Humanity’s Platform on the Internet.

    When collapse comes, humanity will enter the mode of fight or flight. Our plans to survive collapse gives humanity the choice of flight. Which is the choice of life. Planning for collapse is what makes it doable!

    — Contact me for a link to join my Zoom meeting this Tuesday, April 19, 2022 from 4 – 6 pm PT. That’s adamsearcher@gmail.com.

    Adam Soul


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