Six myths

Myth 1: Liberals are not in denial

– Small ‘l’ liberals are the #NewDenial when it comes to climate action.

Myth 2: Republicans are still more to blame

– In the west, the climate-concerned and unconcerned have similar ecological footprints.

Myth 3: Renewable energy can replace fossil fuels

– This article was published in 2014. The fallacy of this myth is as correct now as it was then.

Myth 4: The coming “Knowledge Economy” will be a low-energy economy

– Now it’s the Green Economy – business as usual painted green.

Myth 5: We can reverse Global Warming without changing our current lifestyles

– On a severely damaged planet, ‘lifestyles’ will inevitably change.

Myth 6: There is nothing I can do

– Collapse is a process not a switch. There is a lot to be done between now and the end of global modern techno-industrial civilisation. #JustCollapse

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