Approaching Collapse video

FORUM RECORDING: Approaching Collapse – some do’s and don’ts [edited]

For those who attended, or couldn’t make it, please continue the forum discussion in the comments here. Infinite growth on a finite planet has pushed us into crisis, and this forum tackles the difficult questions and taboo topics: Bursting the fantasy of sustainability based on clean energy transition and arguing for equitable approaches to global population. Pathways forward include a deliberate contraction of the human enterprise and a planned collapse.

0:00 Dr Kate Booth (University of Tasmania); 0:12 Megan Seibert (The REAL Green New Deal Project); 41:10 Tristan Sykes (Just Collapse); 57:46 Q&A (inc. Prof Bill Rees).

This forum took place at the University of Tasmania, as part of Global Climate Change Week 2021. #JustCollapse

One thought on “Approaching Collapse video

  1. Just posted this to my local community, the SAForums Biosphere Collapse thread, and r/collapse Reddit community!

    Thank you Professor Booth for organizing this conference, and to all the folks at Just Collapse for your compassion and efforts.


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