France preps for 4C warming reality

Reality sinks in: France is preparing for a “‘more pessimistic scenario’ where warming hits 4C. [Environment Minister] Bechu added that ‘in truth, we should call it realistic’.”

This level of human induced climate change equals droughts, floods, fires, crop failure, civil unrest, collapse, and extinction. Start your #InsurgentPlanning today and act now for a #JustCollapse.

2 thoughts on “France preps for 4C warming reality

  1. Hi, note: that’s 4 degrees in France’s surface atmosphere temperature, not globally, as the usual 1.5 degrees is. And in the business-as-usual scenario. But other than stated below, this has been known for a long time. Best, Arnold

    “C’est ce que confirment les derniers travaux des experts du Giec : si tous les États du monde n’accentuent pas leurs efforts pour diminuer encore leurs émissions, on se dirige vers un réchauffement de +2,8 et +3,2 degrés en 2100 en moyenne au niveau mondial, ce qui correspond à+4 degrés pour la France car l’Europe se réchauffe plus vite.”


    1. Thanks Arnold. Yes, 4C warming in France correlates with ~3C global warming average. This will have a catastrophic impact around the world as crops fail and disasters re-occur. Please note, the IPCC modelling is based on a flawed set of assumptions including a range of yet to be invented technologies. There are currently no viable alternatives to ‘business-as-usual’ emissions. In fact, Professor James Hansen is publishing research demonstrating that existing atmospheric greenhouse gases lead us to 10C of warming globally, without having to add anymore. The severity of our predicament can not be overstated.


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