Scientist drops the F-bomb

“We’re fucked!” proclaimed glaciologist Jason Box. Other scientists, like Gavin Schmidt, were defensive: “There’s no actual evidence that anything dramatically different is going on in the Arctic, other than the fact that it’s melting pretty much everywhere.” Lol!

That was eight years ago, and emissions continue to rise. Act now for a #JustCollapse!

2 thoughts on “Scientist drops the F-bomb

  1. Did you read the entire article you posted? Box later says “Box’s tweet sets his teeth on edge. “I don’t agree. I don’t think we’re fucked. There is time to build sustainable solutions to a lot of these things. You don’t have to close down all the coal-powered

    stations tomorrow. You can transition. It sounds cute to say, ‘Oh, we’re fucked and there’s nothing we can do,’ but it’s a bit of a nihilistic attitude. We always have the choice. We can continue to make worse decisions, or we can try to make ever better decisions. ‘Oh, we’re fucked! Just give up now, just kill me now,’ that’s just stupid.”

    I find it very troubling as a UTAS student that you choose to misled like this


    1. Thank you for commenting on this Just Collapse blog post. The quote you take from the article is from another climate scientist, not Jason Box. We (Just Collapse) posted the article to full to provide the context for our foregrounding of particular statements made by scientists.


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