Partial and relative justice for ocean life

BREAKING NEWS? Once again, the environment movement celebrates spectacular failure as ‘success.’ Not recognising the true nature of our predicament, and the limits to growth, has led to decades of maladaptive action including this signing of the High Seas Treaty. This treaty is an example of partial and relative justice for ocean life in context of collapse – it is no ‘win’. #JustCollapse

3 thoughts on “Partial and relative justice for ocean life

  1. Thanks Edie. In collapse, for us, these kinds of announcements evoke grief. The oceans can’t and won’t survive the impacts of decades of overshoot – warming, biodiversity loss, nitrification, acidification. Celebrating a ‘win’ in relation to small, incremental gains is disheartening and ridiculous, because the oceans are dying no matter we might try to do now. Its too little too late. We recognise that a lot of work over many decades has gone into this Treaty, and this is part of the grief – letting go not only of the oceans, but all efforts that have led to failure instead of a better world and future.
    In treating this kind of things as ‘wins’, the environmental movement continues to fail. Instead of changing approach and acting within the context of collapse including speaking the truth about the severity of our predicament, they continue to bat for maladaptive action.


  2. A glaring giveaway that this was not even close to a ‘win,’ was the inclusion of the reported importance of the treaty to the cosmetics industry, an industry that some of us really hoped and thought would be long-gone by now. How any ‘journalist’ can fail to see the utter absurdity is yet further proof that collapse is inevitable.

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