Children in a collapsing world?

This controversial statement by Martin Luther King is a plea for socio-ecological justice. Before Limits to Growth had even been published, MLK recognised the dire consequences of infinite growth on a finite planet. The empowerment of women to make choices about their own bodies is a battle that continues to rage around the world. Now that fight continues in form of a choice – to choose not bring children into a collapsing world. A #PlannedCollapse is a #JustCollapse.

4 thoughts on “Children in a collapsing world?

  1. I am personally choosing to invest into LIFE, by creating new life even at a time of great dying and collapse. I believe our Earth needs a new generation of consciously raised children that will be an active part of the transition…giving up on our species doesn’t feel like the way to solve this, and it has been proven that there is enough resources on the Earth for everyone – it’s just not evenly distributed or managed properly. Not all of us that are collapse aware are choosing to not have children – some of us are still choosing to be mothers.


    1. We respect everyone’s decision in this regard.
      But it is important to note that it has not been proven that there is enough resources on the Earth for everyone – the opposite is the case. In fact, its worse than that – the Earth is dying and our predicament is that a dying Earth can not feed 8 billion. The consequences of this are horrific particularly for the poor and marginalised.


  2. MLK was an amazing leader. If people weren’t so stupid or bigoted, sort-sighted or greedy and he had come to govern the US, I think this world may well be in a much better situation than it is now.


  3. The final resolution at COP27 apparently had no mention of “fossil fuels,” but I have seen nothing indicating that population was even a topic of discussion at the gathering. In developed countries, there is lately more open commentary about refraining from bringing another child into the present predicament, but only on a private level, not in any “official” statements. The Corporatocracy will continue to promote childbirth to assure a continuing supply of consumers. Mass decrease in population will only occur as mass death as part of a widespread disaster, not in any voluntary way.


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