8 billion people

8 billion people and the well has nearly run dry. The bounty of natural resources built up over millions of years has been used and abused. We are left with devastated ecosystems, a mass-extinction event, a destabilised climate, and catastrophic #overshoot of human population. 8 billion people don’t know it yet, but this is #collapse.

One thought on “8 billion people

  1. Eight billion people–and evidence of resource depletion, social breakdown and catastrophic climate change is all around us. Even here in the Greater Yellowstone ecosystem, the last, great, almost-intact wildlife refuge and source of 7 great rivers, we’re seeing the consequences. Yellowstone Park was closed this spring for the first time in its history because of devastating floods that washed out highways and bridges. But Wyoming, where I live, is a fossil fuel empire and sacrifice zone. What will it take to come to grips with the fact that human population growth is murdering the living planet?


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