Bottom-up or top-down?

Two plans for a #JustCollapse. One, bottom-up via #InsurgentPlanning and the other, top-down via PLAN E. In mid-October, Dr Liz Boulton speaks about PLAN E – how to enact a community climate and ecological emergency response. As Liz outlines in this podcast, it’s one of the most equitable and holistic approaches to planning for climate risks and impacts that we have come across. Registration for the mid-October event.

2 thoughts on “Bottom-up or top-down?

  1. Nice to see another person wanting to make a difference. I would just suggest that plans steer away from carbon footprints and CO2 warming. There is now good evidence that these two narratives being presented to the world are not true, after all, it is the story that the corporate run COPCs support. Not trustable. The models have not matched the actual statistics. After all, Ice Free Arctic has been predicted 5 times…guaranteed to be ice free in two years and…..not true. Hasn’t happened. Also CO2 has a very low saturation point after which it doesn’t absorb any more heat. It can’t cause massive world wide heating. What needs to happen is a slowing down and changing the massive overshooting that is happening….financial 1% , regenerative practices, social justice, Global North stop pillaging Global South, water and more.


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