Inconvenient apocalypses

‘…societal collapse on a global scale is inevitable… there’s no averting this collapse – electric cars aren’t going to save us, and neither are global climate accords. The current way of things is doomed, and it’s up to us to prepare as best we can to ensure as soft a landing as possible when the inevitable apocalypse arrives’. Read more in The Guardian.

Starvation, dehydration, disasters, disease, war – collapse is inevitable, but socio-ecological justice isn’t. For the marginalised, disadvantaged and dispossessed a #PlannedCollapse is a #JustCollapse.

One thought on “Inconvenient apocalypses

  1. Nothing particularly new here, nor shocking. Based on the Guardian reporting, the dieback numbers may be worse than Jackson and Jensen suggest. As a “good” futurist, I asuume there is a range of possible outcomes. Falling under a billion humans after 2100 AD is not out of the question. (Recently departed) Jim Lovelock argued that the stabilization point for thermodynamic equilibirium could be 20° or more C above the baseline… The only place humans could survive would be on the poles.

    Moreover, Joesph Tainter’s proposition that complexity, particularly bureaucratic complexity, might mean that everything will fall apart once civilizational collapse accelerates. See: Roberto Vacca’s The Coming Dark Age (1973).


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