The materials don’t exist

A green-tech future is a #BrightGreenLie. The materials simply don’t exist. Collapse is inevitable. Take action for a #JustCollapse!

Associate Professor Simon Michaux: ‘The current system was built with the support of the highest calorifically dense source of energy the world has ever known (oil), in cheap abundant quantities, with easily available credit, and seemingly unlimited mineral resources. The replacement needs to be done at a time when there is comparatively very expensive energy, a fragile finance system saturated in debt, not enough minerals, and an unprecedented world population, embedded in a deteriorating natural environment… replacing the existing fossil fuel powered system (oil, gas, and coal), using renewable technologies, such as solar panels or wind turbines, will not be possible for the entire global human population.’


One thought on “The materials don’t exist

  1. Thanks for sharing this, Kate. I’ve been looking for a study like this for a long time. Ozzie Zehner’s “Green Illusions” was an excellent start at doing the math for what the imaginary transition to “green energy” would actually require, but that book is over ten years old now. Jensen, Keith, and Wilbert’s “Bright Green Lies” (2021) provided us with a much needed update and a great volume of information, but it is very useful to have a study like this that focuses just on the insufficient resources for making the switch.

    What this study also inadvertently demonstrates is that a global quest for the necessary resources would involve an enormous and horrific increase in mining, on land and sea, globally. People would be ripping up what’s left of our beautiful natural world just to maintain the so-called “way of life” that put us into ecological overshoot in the first place. Sadly, humans would be compelled to do that because they just do not know any other way to live. They have not been taught how to live within the limits of Earth’s natural systems and laws, and do not know the skills and low-impact technologies (tools) that would be necessary and appropriate for doing so.

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