Collapse Capitalism

#CollapseCapitalism. A definition: when profiteers exploit a planet and its inhabitants in the throes of collapse; profiteering in the #GreatDescent; a global version of Naomi Klein’s ‘disaster capitalism’ (making profit out of regional disasters and unrest). For example, profiteering from energy scarcity triggered by #PeakOil, or futuristic green-tech pipedreams.

After 50 years in overshoot, collapse capitalism is sucking the final life blood from the Earth. Act now for a #PlannedCollapse with socio-ecological justice front of mind.

One thought on “Collapse Capitalism

  1. I have trouble imagining what the profiteers think they will gain by continuing to murder the planet even as we swirl down the drain. They’re not stupid, after all. They must be able to see the consequences of continuing exploitation and domination. They simply lack empathy (which puts them in the category of psychopaths). Maybe they think that even in the final days, it’s better to live rich than poor–even as species after species goes extinct? Or maybe they’re just insane–and that’s the reason why those of us who have managed to hang onto a piece of our sanity can’t understand them.


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