Predication is difficult

Complex systems are complicated. The interaction of many complex systems – climate, ecology, economy, and society, is more so. It is natural and normal for the human mind to look for signs of certainty. Two things that are certain is the absolute certainty of collapse and with it, an uncertain future. Finding shared purpose and a sense of solidarity is essential if we are to navigate the fear that this inspires. #TalkCollapse for a #JustCollapse

One thought on “Predication is difficult

  1. The problem is, timing is everything–even with (or especially with) Collapse. And uncertainty about the Collapse timeline translates into uncertainty about everything else. How do we support ourselves? Choose a life partner? Have children? Educate them? If we commit ourselves to the current set of living arrangements, we can at least be relatively sure we’ll survive as well–and as long–as every other civilized person. But if we commit ourselves to living in a way that anticipates Collapse, we may miss whatever perks (art, music, money, etc.) come along with Civilization during our lifetime. There seems to be no good answer to this…only the moral vindication of having chosen the truth….


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