Summer of f**kery

Pardon the ‘french’ but sh*t is f**ked up. #TalkCollapse!

‘…coral bleaching, an insect apocalypse, cows dying from heat in the field and birds falling dead from the skies. Cut up two bananas and mix it all together with a million Hiroshima-sized nuclear bombs worth of heat per day in a planet-sized blender and you’ve got one f**ked-up Earth smoothie.’

4 thoughts on “Summer of f**kery

  1. Kate, we are certainly in a pickle, and I believe “shit” is the appropriate adjective. In fact, I am holding a weekly meet-up with others who are concerned like us to discuss what is happening now and in the future. It’s called ” Surviving the Shit Show…sorry for the ‘french:) and I’d love to have you and/or Tristan join me on July 6th for my kickoff. You can verify my legitimacy by visiting The venue is available online in a FRAME VR environment. If you have a moment, you can visit to visit the space.

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    1. Hi Craig.
      Yes, we are in a bit of a pickle! Kicking off a group sounds like a great idea – its really important to be talking about collapse and planning in anyway we can. We don’t have capacity to do more than we are currently doing, so need to say ‘no’ to your generous invitation at this stage.
      We hope it goes well, and feel free to share ideas and thoughts as things progress.
      Kind regards,
      Kate and Tristan


      1. Thank you for your response. I’m sorry you won’t be able to make it. It’s difficult to do this alone, as I’m sure you can appreciate, and I was hoping to have some experts engaged. I’ll continue going. Cheers.

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