What is yours?

What does your #JustCollapse look like?

Collapse is a process not a switch. There is lots to be done for socio-ecological justice between now and the grim end, and we achieve what we can, where we can, as a means of easing the descent.

Examples: communicating our predicament, caring for wildlife, helping homeless, defending refugees, collapse grief support, healthcare advocacy, defending/migrating ecosystems, teaching gardening skills.

Seek justice and take action for a #JustCollapse!

4 thoughts on “What is yours?

    1. Hi Craig.
      Thank you for your question. There is lots to be done in terms of easing the descent, and we think that communities working together based around resilience and adaptation will certainly help – at least for a while. As long as there are no expectations the renewable microgrids and gardens offer a ‘solution’, then this looks like a valuable contribution to a just and planned collapse.
      Unfortunately, our predicament defies solutions.
      Kind regards,
      Tristan and Kate


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