Why complex systems collapse faster

‘I’m aware that all this sounds a bit pessimistic. But planning for the worst possible scenario is not pessimistic—it is simply prudent. It is what you do when you put on your seat belt before driving a car. So, let’s ask ourselves practical questions: Can anything be done to avoid collapses? Or at least to reduce the damage they cause?’


There is no avoiding climate-ecological collapse and the collapse of global modern techno-industrial civilisation. There is, however, lots to be done to reduce the horrors and injustices that this entails. It is no panacea, but a focus on justice can ease our descent.

Collapse is inevitable, but justice isn’t. A #PlannedCollapse is a #JustCollapse.

One thought on “Why complex systems collapse faster

  1. First you say that planning for collapse is prudent. Then you say that nothing can be done about environmental collapse, so we might as well seek justice. This sounds confusing to me.

    What if you’re the guilty person whom you’re going to unleash justice upon? Are you talking about the elite? Would you say that whoever owns say 97% of the wealth would be guilty? Do you realize that statistics show that 30% of the world holds 97% of the world’s wealth?

    Why not, not blame? Anyone. Why? Because it might not be their fault. Our world is fierce. In the 1940’s there were gun wars. That’s nothing compared to nuclear. And we take giant risks with life. Like nuclear power and AI.

    Do you realize that truly planning to survive collapse would give us our best chance? All the reports, none of them, count on humanity immediately stopping civilization. All of the reports are written by educated wealthy people. Of course they don’t think about ending civilization. Civilization is the only way they think humans can live. But that’s not true at all. Humans can live without civilization and without any form of money whatsoever, and do just fine and have a better life than we have now. We’d be able to think clearly again.

    I have an analogy I wrote one time about the Starship Enterprise. I wrote that everyone aboard suddenly started going crazy and selling parts of the ship for money. When the captain found out that the food supply had been contaminated by a poison he ordered immediate decontamination. Before long people started to come out from under the influence of the poison and began to think clearly again.

    This is why we cannot blame the elite or anyone. We’re all guilty. The thing to do is plan. I have a plan. Think of me like the old guy with the car track in his backyard that the department of transportation got the ideas for designing freeway on/off ramps and interchanges from. I designed a good plan. But it takes time to learn it. You can’t dismiss it in a soundbite because it can’t be explained in a soundbite. It’s a whole new way of thinking.

    See my YouTube channel “A Sustainable Tomorrow – Adam Soul”.


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