The logo winner

Just Collapse appreciates and values all the responses, answers and guesses we’ve had to our logo competition. Subjective interpretation of symbol is at the very foundation of language. This is when we began to express ourselves and our ideas in the canvas of the dirt, the sand, and the stone. Congratulations to the winner!

‘dystopod’ – ‘Of course it is the wave (or even Seneca Cliff) which is coming, BUT it also contains the J & the C from your name. 😉’

Yes, our logo is made up of three curves which form the initials JC. The swell of the wave, the J curve, is the “hockey stick” of infinite growth on a finite planet. The curve of the wave’s crest forms the top half of the C and represents the descent from #overshoot eased through a #PlannedCollapse. The rest of the C is an unplanned collapse – the steep descent, otherwise known as the “Seneca Cliff”.

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