Food at breaking point

Global food systems are at breaking point and global food prices are at a record high (Smith 2022; UNFAO 2021).

In marking International Women’s Day, we acknowledge that women, among others disadvantaged, marginalised and dispossessed, bear the brunt of food scarcity especially in countries least responsible for the severity of this predicament: ‘Most African nations are net food importers, meaning that any increases in global food prices have a significant effect on the continent’s 1.4 billion people, the majority of whom spend up to 60% of their income on imported staples such as rice, corn and pasta. Over the past two decades, more Africans have become heavily dependent on imported food… leaving them vulnerable to the rising cost of shipping food globally.’

Collapse is inevitable but justice isn’t. A #PlannedCollapse is a #JustCollapse.

Two references for this post: and

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