Collapse now and avoid the rush

‘…the strategy of collapsing ahead of the rush is not going to be a popular thing to suggest. When I’ve brought it up… I’ve inevitably fielded a flurry of protests, by turns angry and anguished, insisting that it’s not reasonable to expect anybody to do that’

‘…those who put their hopes on grand political transformations, or conveniently undefinable leaps of consciousness, or the timely arrival of Jesus or the space brothers or somebody else who will spare us the necessity of inhabiting a future that is the exact result of our own collective actions, are not doing anything that hasn’t been tried over and over again in the decades just past, without doing anything to slow the headlong rush into overshoot or the opening stages of decline and fall.’ John Michael Greer.

A #PlannedCollapse is a #JustCollapse.…/collapse-now-and-avoid-rush/

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