Scandal in #NewDenial

SCANDAL has broken out concerning a highly read, ground-breaking paper that presents evidence against the viability of renewables to ‘save’ us from overshoot and argues, instead, for the necessity of a deliberate contraction of the human enterprise.

Under pressure from third parties, the Editor of the journal Energies, Dr Enrico Sciubba, has reneged on the paper’s peer reviewed status, despite it having been published last year following a thorough academic peer review process. It is now designated an opinion piece.

50 years on from the Limits of Growth, the Editor claims that overshoot is an invalid concept. Importantly, the Editor, and critiques of the paper, fail to put a dent in the paper’s case against the viability of renewables. The paper, co-authored by Megan Seibert (REAL Green New Deal) and Professor Bill Rees (University of British Columbia), its critiques, rebuttals, and Editor’s statement, can be found here:

Contact the Editor with your thoughts or @energies_mdpi on Twitter.

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