Doomsday Clock

Today on it’s 75th anniversary, the #DoomsdayClock stands at 100 seconds to midnight.

Originally created in 1947 due to the threat of nuclear annihilation, the Clock now encompasses a range of ways that global modern techno-industrial civilization seeks its own obliteration. We are currently experiencing a pregnant pause as we process the failed promises on global climate action, biodiversity loss, and ecosystem collapse.

This Clock warns us how close we are to destroying our world. At 100 seconds to midnight, we must plan for collapse. If not now, when? A #PlannedCollapse is a #JustCollapse.

May be an image of text that says "Recent Clock Changes 2020 100 ITIS 100 SECONDS το MIDNIGHT 2018 TIS S2 MINUTES TO MIDNIGHT 2017 IT IS TWO AND A HALF MINUTES το MIDNIGHT 2015 S3 MINUTES το MIDNIGHT 2012 T MINUTES το MIDNIGHT 2010 IT IS 6 MINUTES To MIDNIGHT"

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