An act of justice

Our petition to Prof Mann about his ‘doomer’ claims, is an act of justice. We must #TalkCollapse – everyone has the right to know. Messages to Mann provided by signatories represent a diversity of voices, and a collective, heartfelt commitment to action. Examples to date:

‘As an environmental scientist for nearly 40 years, my understanding is based in science and labelling folks as a way to make their voices not heard is dangerous and harmful.’

‘Climate activists and experts are not doomists. In fact, they are at the front line of climate action and insisting for systemic change.’

‘Please recognise the inherent speciesism, racism, elitist and other inequities in your stance and expand your awareness and compassion!’

‘Did you know, Mr. Mann, that “Mannsplaining” has entered the vocabulary of those whom you deride?’

Please sign and share this important petition:

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