When did we collapse?

When do you think we pass(ed) the point of no return?

  • Advent of agriculture (~10,000 years ago)
  • Western colonialization (~400 years ago)
  • Industrial Revolution (~300 years ago)
  • Post-WWII boom (~70 years ago)
  • Planetary overshoot (~50 years ago)
  • Kyoto Protocol (~30 years ago)
  • Arctic sea ice decline (~20 years ago)
  • Atmospheric CO2 at 400ppm (~8 years ago)
  • COP26 (~now)
  • Blue ocean event (~15 years from now)

4 thoughts on “When did we collapse?

  1. No way the blue ocean event is 15 years from now!!!
    Mc pherson may be your closest bet so far as the rest keep ignoring many factors and as time passes they keep readjusting, its always way worse than the consensus is able to admit.
    We may indeed be very close to the seneca cliff, Orlov’s stage 4 globally, and just a few years away from peak population!

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  2. We left Eden with the advent of agriculture. And we knew everything we needed to know about the ecological horrors we insist on pulling down on our heads fully 50 years ago with the publication of “The Limits to Growth.” So, perhaps the point of no return was passed earlier: the drilling of Drake’s Well in Titusville, PA, the success of which sparked the first oil boom in the United States. That boom showed that petroleum could be commercially viable. Available petroleum fueled the internal combustion engine, and later the “Green revolution,” dependent on pesticides and nitrates, production of which depend on fossil fuels. So eight billion souls later…

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