More democracy not less

Western democracies are failing on climate-ecological collapse. We need MORE democracy today: fully informed populations; an end to corruption and nepotism; a rolling back of draconian protest laws. Foster a #collapseconscious citizenry and give power back to the people!

Some think that authoritarianism is a ‘fix’. This is naive. Collapse cannot be ‘fixed’. Authority of any kind will try to make the best of a bad situation. This includes preservation of the power elite. This is happening now – it’s not abstract. Justice now! A #justcollapse!

May be a cartoon of text that says "...And then there was q change of government, and climate change just t...went away! Hooray! S wTeex Aদ"

2 thoughts on “More democracy not less

  1. Problem with democracy is now that the populace is disinclined to vote, as they see it as a version of pantomime…there is no-one worthy, and if they did exist, they’d be dwarfed by the great majority who are there for their own enrichment and fame. Once elected, there is no way to recall those who engage in criminal and subversive, even treasonous acts. Add to this the overwhelming and pervasive effect of corporate lobbying, influence and even veto of democratically created laws and efforts, and you have an ineffective system which serves only the elite, who are a shrinking minority, while simultaneously and bizarrely sucking up all the wealth of the entire planet.

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    1. Yes. 100%. That’s why we all have to take disruptive action! #Disrupt!Disrupt!Disrupt!
      Check out our strategy on our action page.
      Seek justice! Take action!


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