Some hard facts

FACT: We are in extreme ecological overshoot.

FACT: Our overshoot is scientifically measured as the global usage of 1.7 planets/year.

FACT: This overshoot is driving the 6th mass extinction, ecosystem collapse, and climate change.

FACT: Continuing in overshoot will trigger ecological and climate feedbacks that, in turn, will trigger rapid global collapse.

FACT: Stopping overshoot requires, at least, 0.7 planets worth of reduction in consumption, extraction and exploitation (1.7 – 0.7 = 1).

FACT: There is an extremely narrow window to reach 1 planets/year.

FACT: The speed and large scale of this contraction of the human enterprise meets definitions of collapse.

FACT: We can plan this collapse and achieve as much justice as possible, or, it will be unplanned and horrifically unjust. Seek Justice! Take Action! #JustCollapse

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