Two forms of hopium

Hopium comes in two forms: 1. #BrightGreenLies that tell us electrifying everything will solve, well, everything. 2. #DarkGreenLies that tell us the collapse of global industrial civilisation is an opportunity for the rise of an ecotopia. 50 years of overshoot means we now inhabit a dying Earth. It’s not just civilisation that is collapsing, itContinue reading “Two forms of hopium”

Western civilisation meets collapse

“… history tells us that it’s usually a plethora of factors that contribute to collapse.” Some factors playing out now, in real-time: Six of nine planetary boundaries crossed; two hundred species extinctions each day; 10 000 years of climate change in a single human lifetime; and, 1% of humans own 50% of global wealth. reading “Western civilisation meets collapse”

The human race is not special

Climate activists often demand optimism, thinking it is essential for change. Climate deniers denounce talk of human extinction as nonsensical doomerism. ‘Who would have thought that both camps have a psychological mindset in common? A naïve optimism that human beings are just so clever that it will all turn out OK… As human beings, weContinue reading “The human race is not special”

Another planetary boundary blown

‘Humanity’s modification of the water cycle has pushed the world further beyond a safe operating space for continued life on Earth, say scientists… Based on the findings, water is now the sixth boundary to be transgressed, out of the nine identified by the Planetary Boundaries Framework’. This is #Collapse. We can keep spinning fantasies ofContinue reading “Another planetary boundary blown”

Reasons to #TalkCollapse

How many reasons are there to #TalkCollapse? Civilisations always collapse, inevitably Collapse of global industrial civilisation is real Collapse of global industrial civilisation is happening now Collapse denial leads to maladaptive action Telling lies about a bright green future is a pathway to despair Telling the truth is an antidote to despair You will findContinue reading “Reasons to #TalkCollapse”